The types of clients I have dealt with!!

I write this as my time with 920 comes to an end and I think back on what type of customers I have encountered. I also got inspired from reading Troy Hammond’s article – on “Agency Recruitment is a Zoo” it got me thinking about the types of customers we interact with.

In no particular order here we go:

The Tease

They like you, you like them, but something isn’t clicking. You get people through to the 2nd and final interview but the candidates are missing something or you are missing something. The customer keep’s on encouraging you to find ‘those special people’ for them.

You keep persevering because that is what you do and you genuinely know that they will take people from you if you can get it right.

The “Rely on you / rely on me”

These are those small customers that hire four or five people a year and put all of their trust with you and rely on you to deliver them great people.

You give it your absolute all as you know they are counting on you and have put all the responsibility and accountability on your shoulders.

The Ghost

This is the customer (if you can call them a customer) that calls you out of the blue, is frantically looking for 6 x Systems Engineers or 6 x .NET Developers and wants to meet with you that afternoon to talk about their needs. You end up high fiving your colleagues in excitement, go to the visit and walk back into your office telling your colleagues “they now need 12 people as you high five a colleague”.

You get your head down finding these people and then try and call them, without any luck, then you try and e-mail them, without any luck, then you try their mobile at 7.45am in the morning, without any luck

You do this for about two weeks and realise something is seriously wrong here as they have gone missing.

The Taker

They are the ones you meet, they take all market intelligence off you re salaries guides /the latest whitepaper on recruitment trends, they take your coffee, ask for “an introduction into…………..who I see is a customer of yours via your LinkedIn profile”.

I have no problem helping connect people if it’s appropriate, but when you feel you are getting taken advantage of without a lot coming back your way you need to them cut them loose.

The Wife

This is your key account and have been managing their recruitment needs for a number of years. You’ve had your up’s and down’s but there are compromises. You fight off the other agencies that keep knocking on their door promising this and promising that by continuing to find those gems that they love to get.

The wife from time to time will try and have a conversation about money!! You fight them off re the money and at the end of the day you give them lots of love, lots of hugs and both parties respect each other like no other relationship.

The Potential New Wife

This is the customer that is new, shiny, has strong capital behind them and need lots of staff!

They make you work hard for their work but are seen as one of ‘the next big things’. Eventually you realise “the wife” is the keeper but you stay close to the ‘new wife’ as you never know when a ‘recruitment freeze’ is going to hit your key account!

Feel free to let me know if I have missed any ‘other types’.

About nathanmastersblog

Client Director @ LPS New Zealand, Director of Technology People UK, ex - GM & Shareholder @ 920 - bit of a control freak at times, lucky to have the opportunity to recruit many CIO roles in New Zealand, love my Triathlon's and Ironman events.
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2 Responses to The types of clients I have dealt with!!

  1. Troy turner says:

    The Loner….
    The one who doesn’t need an agency because there brand is all-powerful. (In there eyes) Potential is great to partner if only they listened. Mean-while the market doesn’t know or rate them!

  2. I knew there was more – I like it Troy. The following line comes to mind “it’s hard to sell a secret”.

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